With equipment warehousing and customer service support on the east and west coast of the United States, Flexvisual has the ability and bandwidth to ensure success. Their scope of work truly puts the “flex” in Flexvisual. From custom software installation projects in Panasonic’s North American headquarters, to managing high-end playback systems for television shows like America’s Got Talent and Super Girl, Flexvisual is truly a company on the cutting edge of technology.

Flexvisual can also be spotted on some of the country’s largest trade shows floors. Partnering with Czarnowski Exhibit Service, one of the biggest providers of event and exhibit design, fabrication, labor and technology, Flexvisual provides rental solutions to companies such as Cox Automotive, Coca-Cola, Cartoon Network, Samsung, and Stryker. Their project management department is responsible for organizing labor, equipment and services throughout the US and Europe.

“I have never worked with a company who has such a depth of knowledge in both software and content development, as well hardware and equipment integration”

Bill Coleman, Program Director at Czarnowski Exhibit Service, Inc.

Ownership of Flexvisual believes in only presenting the highest quality service in every situation. Their expectations of strong, realistic project management mixed with imaginative creativity, truly set this company apart from any other audio visual and software provider in the industry.

President and founder, Chad Williams sums it up best by stating, “there really isn’t anything that holds us back from helping our customers find solutions to their challenges. We believe in always staying on top of the newest technology. If the answer to your problem doesn’t already exist, we will help you come up with and develop a customized solution to take your program to it’s highest potential.”